About The Practice

Ashley Moss Pediatrics is smaller then a traditional pediatric practice. This enables Dr. Moss to make house calls and spend more time with children and parents, creating a highly personalized level of care. Dr. Moss personally answers all questions regarding the health of your child and will make home visits to see a sick child.

Our Services

Pediatric Primary Care
Dr. Moss provides comprehensive and individualized care for each child.

  • The small size of the practice allows Dr. Moss extensive time for well visits to discuss growth, nutrition, development, behavior, discipline, and anticipatory guidance
  • Age appropriate pediatric screening for metabolic disease (PKU), anemia, lead exposure, vision problems, infectious disease exposure
  • American Academy of Pediatrics recommended childhood vaccinations
  • Sports Physicals

House Calls
Dr. Moss comes to your home for all visits.

  • Dr. Moss will come to your home for routine well-child appointments.
  • Your sick children never leave the house because Dr. Moss offers same-day appointments for sick patients.
  • Dr. Moss also offers after-hours and weekend appointments if necessary.

24/7 Access
All members of the practice have Dr. Moss’ cell phone number.

  • As a patient in the practice, you will have direct access to Dr. Moss’ cell phone to discuss the health of your child.

Complimentary Prenatal Visit
Work with Dr. Moss from the very beginning.

  • Dr. Moss will come to your home to meet you before your child is born.
  • Dr. Moss will introduce you to the practice and answer any questions that you have.

Newborn Expertise
With years of pediatric training (and parenting experience), Dr. Moss is your most valuable resource.

  • Lactation advice and consultation
  • Sleep training advice and guidance
  • Sibling and family integration

Practice Fees

Ashley Moss Pediatrics charges an annual fee per family to become a member of the practice.  Families may choose either an annual or quarterly payment schedule.

All sick- and well-child visits during normal day time hours are billed at a set fee.  After-hours and weekend visits are also available for an additional fee.

For more information, contact Dr. Moss.

Why Fee For Service?

In order to provide the extended time, service and convenience of a house call practice, Dr. Moss does not participate with insurance.  This allows the practice, which sees a much smaller number of patients than a traditional practice, to focus on individual patients, spend valuable time getting to know families and work together with parents to keep children healthy.

Insurance has an important secondary role for reimbursing some primary care costs, emergencies and catastrophic care. Most of Dr. Moss’ patients have a PPO insurance health plan that reimburses many of the services provided.

Are you interested in joining the practice?

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